Welcome to IKRIS ! May you find a New Retro Wearable Art Jewellery that speaks to your heart❣️

About Us


IKRIS believes…

“It is not only the quality and the size of the gemstone that matter, but also the design and the craftsmanship execution that endow the jewellery with its uniqueness and make you shine from the inside out. Every day and any occasion can be special, if you want it to be.”

Simplicity, Exquisiteness and Timelessness are the three key characteristics that we pursue for our fine jewellery.



IKRIS Jewellery & Diamonds has its roots in Hong Kong, the world’s known jewellery trading hub. Yet, our products are made in mainly Japan and Italy which give us the peace of mind knowing that your unique piece is in the at most gentle and dexterous hands

The two make a perfect breeding ground for a contemporary jewellery brand which makes timeless diamonds and precious gemstones become pieces of wearable arts.

IKRIS has always been in love with the vintage items from the 30s to the 50s, and chose to start with jewellery carvings that we have been interested in since childhood. Inspired by rich and diverse European and American retro elements, we simplify, modify and re-design to build our own version of fashionable and elegant New Retro Jewellery.

All our products are made with 18 karat solid white, yellow or rose gold, handset with natural diamonds and beautiful precious gemstones, e.g. sapphires and emerald, so as to bring diversity and collection value to our products that transcend through time and last for generations. We do not just craft a piece for you. We craft to make history for your timeless collection.



Founded by two childhood friends , IKRIS’s story began at a gem setting atelier where Iris and Keliy had their first gem setting and goldsmithing class together in 2018. We made our dream come true then by flying over to Japan to start picking out designs and manufacturing our own products.

Iris is now advancing in jewellery craftsmanship and her study in gemmology under The Gemmological Association Of Greater Britain. While Keliy is advancing in jewellery design and photo shooting.

We are different, but we serve each other as a perfect foil just like a fine piece.